1 Update your nameservers with your domain registrar

If you registered your new domain with OzEzyWeb, this information is pointless. So click the back button or read on if you are curious.

If you are using your own  domain with OzEzyWeb, you will need to update your nameservers with the company you registered your domain with.

If you don't know who the registrar is go to network-tools, click the 'whois' option, type in your domain name without the www, then click 'GO'.

Boy we say a lot, anyway.... This search will display the the name of the domain registrar that the domain was registered with and the email address of the contact. 

Go to that domain registrar on the web and follow their steps to access your details.

I know this can be complicated, so we are more than happy to help with this process.

Once you have access to your details, update your nameservers to

For garfiled:




See How to see which server i'm on

Now go have a coffee or tea if this was all too much.



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