WTF does that mean?

Websites and web hosting can be very confusing because you hear words that you have never heard before.Let's go through some of the common ones.   I.P. Address:(Internet Protocol Address) This is heard quite often and is what drives he foundation of the Internet. Every Website, computer or device connected to the Internet has an I.P. ... Read More »

26th May 2016
Protecting your client's data over the Internet

  As Websites are collecting more and more personal information, it is your responsibility to protect that data. Not only within your Website but when then data is collected by your website. You may not know but, when a client clocks submit on a form on a web page, that data is sent over the internet as plain text and can be intercepted at ... Read More »

25th May 2016
Are you lost?

Websites sometimes can be difficult to navigate and sometime your visitors click on a link that is no longer working.If this happens, what do they see. Most times it is a generic message like "Error 404: Page not found". This is very boring and does not look professional.Thankfully you can do something about it. An error page is just like any ... Read More »

23rd May 2016
Is your domain name being hijacked

Domain name hijacking is when someone buys a domain name that is the same as yours but with a different ending like .net or .org .The main reasons for this is either: someone hates your brand and wants to ruin you or: someone loves what you do and is trying to take traffic away from your Website.Both these reasons are just as deplorable as each ... Read More »

22nd May 2016
Do I need an App for my business

To App or not to App. It's the very expensive question.You need to ask yourself the reasons why you think you want an App. Apps seem very exciting and fancy and there is no denying that it seems like you have a high profile company when you have an App. But, if the only reason you want an App is just to have an App. It might become a very ... Read More »

22nd May 2016
Should I bother updating Wordpress

Wordpress is the most used DIY website software in the world. Possibly due to it's ease of use, flexibility and most likely because it is 100% free.Wether you use Wordpress for a Blog or to run yuor entire Website, you need to keep it updated.Why you ask???Well, because Wordpress is so openly used and the documentation for how it works is ... Read More »

22nd May 2016

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