As Websites are collecting more and more personal information, it is your responsibility to protect that data. Not only within your Website but when then data is collected by your website.

You may not know but, when a client clocks submit on a form on a web page, that data is sent over the internet as plain text and can be intercepted at any pint along the way.


Hopefully you know that when you are shopping or banking online, you look for the little padlock icon or the address bar is green.


This is a secure connection between the user's browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Apple Safari) and your Website. So if the data is intercepted on the way, it can not be read by anyone.


You may think that this kind of encryption is expensive but, it's not.


S.S.L. (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates are surprisingly affordable and an cost under $20 per year depending on the certificate type.


A basic certificate secures one domain name like: Where as the more pricey ones cover different things like all subdomains (, and others cover all your domain extensions (.com .org)


In the past, having a SSL Certificate required your Website to have a fixed I.P. address, increasing the cost of your hosting. This is now not required for some web hosting (us included).


If you collect personal information on your Website, ask us how we can secure your data.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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