Domain name hijacking is when someone buys a domain name that is the same as yours but with a different ending like .net or .org .

The main reasons for this is either: someone hates your brand and wants to ruin you or: someone loves what you do and is trying to take traffic away from your Website.

Both these reasons are just as deplorable as each other. The nerve of someone who wants to take away business from you just because you have a better idea or you are having a great success.

We know it's wrong but there is little you can do about it apart from legal action.

In Australia, we have the protected domain space of .au . Meaning that you can buy domain names ending , and .
These domain names can not just be purchased by anyone. Your brand name or trading name must be related to the domain name that you purchase. You also must have an ABN or ACN to purchase.
If you find that someone has purchased a .au domain name with your company name, you can challenge this and most likely get your name back.

So what is the best way to protect yourself.

Where possible, buy a or name for your business. After that, secure your .com and .net
Unfortunately, the .com names are highly saturated and your name may have already been taken. If it is taken, check what the name is being used for and that it won't affect your business.

Before you create your business name, you might want to check if your company domain name is available before you register it. While that might seem like going backwards, you don't want to be stuck not being able to get the domain name you want.

You can check if domains are available on our website.

We do not advertise domain name packages where you can buy multiple names but, we can do you a deal. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

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