To App or not to App. 
It's the very expensive question.

You need to ask yourself the reasons why you think you want an App. Apps seem very exciting and fancy and there is no denying that it seems like you have a high profile company when you have an App. But, if the only reason you want an App is just to have an App. It might become a very expensive addition that you just don't need.
In most cases, you can achieve the same result by simply using a Website. Websites now can be customised to display content in a mobile friendly format for Smart Phones and Tablets. They can even show an entirely different design altogether.
As web technologies evolve, the creators of the software that runs Smart Phones and Tablets are slowly allowing more access to features of Smart Devices. When We say slow, we mean at a glacial speed. Apple and Google are very protective of their devices and with good reason. But, this is not universal. All devices are different.
Because Websites are run within an Browser App, the App has access to the device where as the Website you view in the app does not.
But if you think about it, what parts of the Smart Device do you need to access? The contact list, the the camera or the microphone? 
If you need to access these parts of the Smart Device, this is when you need to create an app. If not, a Website will do just fine.
If you find that you need to use G.P.S. features of a phone to show locations of your store or for any other reason, this can also be done with a Website.

You may think that I am bashing apps but, I am jut trying to save you money.
Many freelancers bombard your inbox with promises of creating Apps for your business. While they may be able to do this, most likely you will just get a stock standard App from a template that these companies/people sell over and over again.
So if you do want to have an App for your business, do you research and ask for examples that are already in the App Store. While checking out their Apps, you will be able to see other Apps that they have created. Make sure these Apps are unique and not all the same but, just seem to have a different colour scheme.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

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