Wordpress is the most used DIY website software in the world. Possibly due to it's ease of use, flexibility and most likely because it is 100% free.
Wether you use Wordpress for a Blog or to run yuor entire Website, you need to keep it updated.
Why you ask???
Well, because Wordpress is so openly used and the documentation for how it works is available online free. It becomes the perfect target for hackers to target vulnerabilities.
While the team who maintain Worpress work tirelesly to ensure it is hacker proof. Hackers seem to find new ways to expolit it.
For this reason, you should upadte Worpress when an update is offered.
But how?

When you log in to Wordpress, you will see if there updates in the top left hand corner.
Click on that and you will be taken to the update section. With one click and about 20 seconds later, your'e done.

If you still find this to complicated, contact us and we will step you though it.

Don't be afraid of hackers, be prepared 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

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