Jun 10th If Mark Zuckerberg Can Get Hacked, So Can You

In a world when we have passwords for everything it is difficult to keep up and remember all of them. For this reason we tend to use the same password for everything. While that seems like no harm, let us tell you a bit about how harmful it can be. ¬† A good example of this is the Founder of Facebook, Mark¬†Zuckerberg. Recently his own ... Read More »

May 26th WTF does that mean?

Websites and web hosting can be very confusing because you hear words that you have never heard before.Let's go through some of the common ones. ¬† I.P. Address:(Internet Protocol Address) This is heard quite often and is what drives he foundation of the Internet. Every Website, computer or device connected to the Internet has an I.P. ... Read More »

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